Healthy Inside, Fresh Outside.

Healthy Food For Every Meal.

Healthy Food Comes From Healthy Ingredients.

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Weight Loss & Anti-Inflammatory

Through calculated portion control, we ensure every person maintains proper caloric intake....

Low Cholesterol & Low Glycemic

We use low glycemic ingredients to reduce large increases in blood sugar levels....

Fitness & Performance

All our meals feature balanced macronutrients to ensure proper daily intake for every individual....

Vegan & Vegetarian

We are proud to offer a hand-crafted vegan/vegetarian menu that holds the same standard as our Signature menu....

Premium Ingredients

We are proud to always use the highest grade ingredients: certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, and macro-balanced....

Accuracy, Transparency & Trust

We are nerds at heart and always studying the most effective ways to bring about the best health practices in our food....

Not your average meal prep!

I thought the meals were small at first but after staying on track with 5 meals a day, I never feel hungry or full and always have been consistently dropping weight.

Daniel Miller | MRKT

More energy, more time

SUB10 has fundamentally changed the way I view food. I'm excited to eat knowing that I don't have to worry about driving to a restaurant or worrying if it's going to make me gain weight.

Drew Jorgenson | Omniplatform

Finally a meal prep company that doesn't make you cook your food to feel healthy.

It's extremely exciting to finally have a meal-prep company that does not require you to cook your food in order to feel healthy. I love the concept off healthy, fresh for goal eaters. Two days after I started ordering meals, 20 of my staff members wanted to jump on the weekly SUB10 meal plan! The proof is in the pudding, or should I say...the meal.

Roy Dekel | SetSchedule

Best decision we made

I started SUB10 with my coworkers as a way for us get in shape before the New Year. I've tried other meal prep companies before and I'm honestly amazed how good these meals taste. We're very eager to try their vegan menu.

Othniel McLean | 17hats

A company you can trust

It's very hard to trust someone with your health. When Shawn explained all that SUB10 has to offer I knew it would be my meal prep of choice.

Francesca Grazzi | F45

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